Corporate Governance

The ZFB Group looks for creating value for our clients, collaborators, shareholders and all interest groups, by building relationships of mutual benefit, living by our corporate principles and contributing in a sustainable way to the business development of the country and the Latin American region.

Both Bogota's Free Trade Zone (Zona Franca Bogota S.A. )
And Desarrolladora de Zonas Francas S.A. count with a Corporate Government Code

Anti - corruption Policy

The ZFB Group is committed to develop ethical and responsible businesses, establishing as a strategic guideline, a zero - tolerance policy towards corruption and any of its other forms (example: bribery, smuggling, money laundering, etc.). It builds relationships with its interest groups based on mutual respect, permanent dialogue and ethical behaviors that allow the construction of sustainable long - lasting relationships.

For this reason, the policy states the following aspects for its fulfillment:

  1. Periodic evaluation of corruption risks and unethical practices, that can arise in different activities and processes carried out by the ZFB Group or its representatives while working towards meeting its strategic objectives.
  2. The pursuit and implementation of its Good Corporate Governance of Bogota Free Trade Zone (Zona Franca Bogota) and Desarrolladora de Zonas Francas.
  3. The construction, implementation and monitoring of its Anticorruption, Ethics and Relationship management Program (PAER by its meaning in spanish) with interest groups to mitigate identified risks.
  4. The creation of the Ethics Committee for ZFB Group, as the the organ for promoting and implementing the policy.
  5. The creation and promotion of a new communication channel, where all interest groups can report violations to our policy, as well as improper practices or omissions that put the ZFB Group at risk.