Sustainable Management

The ZFB Group looks for creating value for our clients, collaborators, shareholders and all interest groups, by building relationships of mutual benefit, living by our corporate principles and contributing in a sustainable way to the business development of the country and the Latin American region.


The ZFB Group works on the construction of favorable environments for business. To this end, it has based its sustainability strategy on three central objectives:


Development of initiatives, strategies, and projects that promote organizational growth.


Promotion of the policy of Decent Work inside the whole ZFB Group, our value chain and the free trade zones we operate.


Generate a positive impact within our groups of interest.

Currently we are working with the following groups:

Clients   Collaborators   Suppliers   Community   



Job website

47,740 resumes, 591 job offers advertised, 125 people hired in 2015.




Unifranca : Alliances with educational entities

6 active agreements with universities and the National Learning Service, 38 certified training programs, second language training. 1,052 students enrolled in 2015.

Sustainable Mobility

Road actions: Pothole filling, divider closures, work groups with public transport companies, carpool and road safety programs.



User Network

Made up of 90 companies, this network works on promoting Decent Work, HSEQ programs, sustainable mobility strategies and other progrmas that promote community relationship building.

Waste Treatment

73% of waste recycled:  2,717 tons, 116 companies carry out the proper separation of waste.


Sustainability Reports

In 2007, the company answered the call from the UN Global Compact which asked companies to commit to do business responsibly by aligning their strategies and operations with ten principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

From that moment on we have grown in the understanding and adaptation of our operation to sustainable practices that improve our work, mitigate our negative impact, and allow us to consolidate long-lasting relationships with our interest groups.

Our achievements so far

can be found in the following reports: